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2016 NYFA Fellow Quote  

Thunderbird American Indian Dancers   

awards:   LMCC     NYFA     Pick of the fringe scotland                               audelco 


           Marie Poncé instructor: at SAG Conservatory

Video: Michael Taylor & Marie Poncé American Indian Hoop Dance TNC 02 16 Louis Mofsie & Rob Mastrianni Musician

Video: Marie Ponce featured SummerStage: Geiorge Faison’s Erasing the Boundaries


OANYC Open Artist NYC Help for Artists

Marie McKinney Program Dir of NEC Rep meets with CBS VP Casting, Fern Orenstein and CBS SVP Diversity, Josie Thomas,
NEC at CBS Diversity

Shows & Workshops    Acting Coach

Global Outreach

Stage TV Film

Chinese Sword & Tai Chi Coach

NEC Monthly Meet Oct 09 Riverside Church




2 thoughts on “About

  1. So sorry to hear of your loss. A great man. I hope someone does an honest episode on BIO to celebrate his strength, honour and artistic gifts – at least that’s how I saw him. I grew up “passing” in a white neighborhood with a white family – my grand-aunt thought this was the best thing for me. When I was younger I thought of him as an uncle. As I grew older I learned to appreciate his talent.

    I still remember… well. It’s just that so much has changed since I was a child. It’s hard to explain to my foster kids (now grown) what it was like.

    Thank you for all that you do.

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